Frequently asked questions

Is there a list of builtin elps functions?


Is there a version of the key-argument approach of function definition where all arguments are required?

You can combine key-argument with required fields, if you specify the required fields first. There is not a way to make key-arg fields required.

What does `default` do?

If the first argument is nil or false it will return the second argument, otherwise it will return the first.

Can you call go code from elps?

https://github.com/luthersystems/elps/blob/master/docs/embed.md discusses how to call Go from elps.

What is the difference between `[` and `(` ?

They are equivalent, and only cosmetic to make reading clearer.

How does `now` work in elps?

now is an RFC3339 timestamp that is set by shiroclient, and is common across multiple simulations of a transaction.


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