Infrastructure Management
This module deploys Hyperledger Fabric in a simple, repeatable, and reliable way, which enables developers to quickly access a stable development platform and increase their productivity.
Key Management (SSH)
This microservice enables simple access key management for operators managing access to the infrastructure, by providing a seamless way of managing the deployment and updating of their keys (SSH)
Stress Tester (Infra)
Stress Tester is a way of inducing stress on nodes to allow operators to simulate large workloads.
Network Builder
This tool allows you to create new Hyperledger Fabric network configurations given parameters such as the size of the network and the details of the participating organisations.
This microservice adds sensors throughout the product to enable the detection of issues to improve performance.
Config / Software Update Mgt
Infrastructure maintenance and updates are a critical part of keeping a platform, stable, secure and robust. This library enables an operator a streamlined way of keeping their infrastructure up to date.
Container Orchestration
Hyperledger Fabric requires the management and orchestration of many different docker containers (standardised and portable way to run applications) with different characteristics and management profiles. We provide out of the box container management for all of the docker containers required to run Fabric.
Container baseline
To provide security of the docker containers it is necessary to provide a 'signature' of the container to ensure that it has not been corrupted or infected. This module protects the source of the deployed containers.
The Build tool automates the process of generating the docker containers, so that the write, deploy, debug loop for developers is reduced.
Monitor, reporting, alerts
This microservice manages monitoring and dashboarding of all the system events, leveraging tools such as Prometheus and Grafana (visualisation and monitoring tools).
This tool aggregates all logs into a central location. This eases debugging and trouble shooting, allowing developers to search and identify errors.
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