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4.2. Platform Modules

4.2. Platform Modules

The platform runtime includes a number of modules "out-of-the-box", that do not require separate installation or configuration.

Smart Contract Development Language (ELPS)Language developed to run business logic and business rules effectively on the blockchain.
ELPS toolingLuther's smart contract development language comes with tooling to ease development in popular IDE's. Such tooling includes: Formatter, profiler, debugger.
SchedulerMost Smart Contracts will include some type of time based rule which needs to execute after a certain time or at a specific schedule, and this service enables a developer to include this into their application easily.
Over The Air (OTA) UpdatesThis module allows you to quickly push platform and business logic updates across the entire network without downtime.
Utils (Logging, Time, Transaction Metadata)This module provides utilities such as consistent time and logging to aid in troubleshooting platform issues which may arise. Pagination (paging forwards and backwards across large data sets) allows our APIs to fetch data in chunks, where we store lots of data. We can't hand over all the data at once, so the pagination lets the caller request data in chunks (called pages).
Messaging between blockchain and Off-Chain OracleThis enables application micro-services to reliably communicate and pass messages to and from the blockchain, enabling scale and reliability.
Martin ToolUsed to run end to end test collections in postman newman with yaml playbooks through the command line and on continuous integration.

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