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7.2. Release Notes

7.2. Release Notes

Versioned releases of platform artifacts and their changes.

2023-08-14: substrate v2.190.1

  • shiroclient: do not error log OK errors
  • shiroclient: reduce verbosity of INFO messages

2023-07-26: substrate v2.190.0

  • shiroclient: improve context canceled error handling
  • shiroclient: improve error logging

2023-07-19: substrate v2.189.0

  • private library: add support for skipEncodeTx optimization

2023-07-18: substrate v2.188.0

  • upgrade: elps to 1.16.2

2023-07-13: substrate v2.187.0

  • update: tar artifact permissions

2023-07-13: substrate v2.186.0

  • upgrade: golang to 1.20.4
  • upgrade: buildenv to v0.0.67

2023-07-11: buildenv v0.0.71

  • General: Improve support for private GH repos

2023-07-10: buildenv v0.0.70

  • General: Add support for luther github repos

2023-06-08: buildenv v0.0.69

  • General: Support private github repos

2023-06-08: buildenv v0.0.68

  • General: Bump awscli to 2.11.26 and deps
  • General: Update github host keys

2023-05-18: buildenv v0.0.67

  • General: Use new bitbucket host keys

2023-05-05: substrate 185.0-fabric2

  • fabric network builder: Update dependencies

2023-05-05: substrate 184.0-fabric2

  • All services: Use golang 1.20

2023-05-03: buildenv v0.0.66

  • Java: Use alpine 3.16

2023-05-02: buildenv v0.0.65

  • CI: Fix dockerhub multi-arch publish

2023-05-02: buildenv v0.0.64

  • CI: Fix CI publish

2023-05-01: buildenv v0.0.63

  • CI: Fix CI on github

2023-05-01: buildenv v0.0.62

  • General: Move to github
  • Golang: Update go to 1.20.3, alpine to 3.17

2023-04-27: buildenv v0.0.61

  • API: Upgrade buf to 1.17.0

2023-03-27: substrate 2.183.0-fabric2

  • shiroclient gateway: Improve peer selection prioritization
  • shiroclient gateway metrics: Avoid panic on missing license file

2023-03-03: buildenv v0.0.60

  • Godynamic: Fix awscli versions
  • Golang: Update go to 1.20.1, golangci-lint to 1.51.2, awscli to 2.11.0

2022-12-01: substrate 2.182.0-fabric2

  • shiroclient gateway: Improve logging and tx retry logic

2022-11-02: substrate 2.181.0-fabric2

  • shirotester: Fix mxf snapshot RNG re-use

2022-10-20: substrate 2.180.0-fabric2

  • shirocore: Add base32 library (encode/decode)

2022-10-20: substrate 2.179.0-fabric2

  • shiroclient metrics: Improve retry for license metrics collection

2022-09-02: buildenv v0.0.59

  • Golang: Upgrade golangci-lint

2022-08-20: substrate 2.178.0-fabric2

  • push proxy: Make pushproxy docker image public on dockerhub

2022-08-16: substrate 2.177.0-fabric2

  • substrate: Support audience (aud) array JWTs

2022-08-08: substrate 2.176.0-fabric2

  • shiroclient gateway metrics: Improve license metrics collection

2022-08-04: buildenv v0.0.58

  • Golang: Support GO_BUILD_EXTRA_FLAGS

2022-07-26: substrate 2.175.0-fabric2

  • shiroclient: Add genesis block hash as tag on metrics; identifies environment together with license digest (already present as tag), which identifies which customer/client is sending metrics.

2022-07-20: substrate 2.174.0-fabric2

  • shiroclient: Add metrics reporting block height and server status

2022-07-08: substrate 2.173.0-fabric2

  • shirocore: remove performance improvement cache that was added in substrate 2.172.0-fabric2 release due to new bug introduced reading only the first toset when iterating a tomulset

2022-06-21: buildenv v0.0.57

  • Golang: Use golangci-lint for static checks

2022-06-09: substrate 2.172.0-fabric2

  • shirocore: performance bug fix concerning storage-toset-next-iters & storage-toset-next-iter-fill-page duplicate iteration
  • golang: bump golang to 1.16.15

2022-06-06: buildenv v0.0.56

  • Golang: Update go to 1.18.3

2022-06-06: buildenv v0.0.55

  • godynamic: fix aws-cli install
  • js: add better support for aws help command

2022-06-03: buildenv v0.0.54

  • godynamic: fix azure-cli install
  • js: include python for node-gyp support

2022-05-26: buildenv v0.0.53

  • go-static: use alpine, remove TINI vars

2022-05-26: buildenv v0.0.52

  • internal: CI/CD release improvements

2022-05-25: buildenv v0.0.51

  • internal: major changes to facilitate migration to github and circle CI
  • multi-architecture: add multi-arch builds for amd64 and arm64
  • api: remove prototool, add buf
  • go: add staticcheck tool
  • go: add jq tool
  • all: fetch certificates from official ca-certificates package
  • all: fetch time zone data from official tzdata packages
  • debian: do not include suggested packages by default
  • go-extra: use ubuntu 20.04
  • static go builds: include build tags for time zone data

2022-04-28: buildenv v0.0.50

  • godynamic: upgrade azcli to 2.35.0

2022-04-01: substrate v2.171.0-fabric2 Release

  • substrate: fix buildpack for external chaincode

2022-03-31: substrate v2.170.0-fabric2 Release

  • buildenv: bump to 0.0.49
  • hyphae: use public github for libhandlebars
  • shiroclient: add dependent TX ID logging
  • shiroclient: bump shiroclient-sdk-go to ac2085246995

2022-03-23: buildenv v0.0.49

  • alpine: bump alpine to 3.15
  • golang: bump golang to 1.16.14

2022-03-17: buildenv v0.0.48

  • alpine: remove old patches to fix security updates which are superfluous

2022-03-11: substrate v2.169.0-fabric2 Release

  • shiroclient: improve retry logic for handling transaction commit timeouts
  • substrate: fix bug in decimal-add-money
  • substrate: remove set-now function from utils
  • libmxf: release 0.0.4 mxf npm package with decryption bugfix

2022-02-25: buildenv v0.0.47

  • godynamic: add curl

2022-01-26: substrate v2.168.0-fabric2 Release

  • *shirocore: add list support in elpspath
  • shiroclient: improve verbose mode (-v)

2022-01-10: substrate v2.167.0-fabric2 Release

  • fabric network builder: Compatibility changes for use in containerized setups
  • mxf: add public npm package for decoding mxf encrypted data off-chain
  • substrate: minor bug fixes

2021-12-10: buildenv v0.0.46

  • api: remove api swagger bindata generation
  • godynamic: fix azure cli build

2021-11-18: substrate v2.166.0-fabric2 Release

  • shirocore: add mxf-private-export function
  • substrate: push luthersystems/buildpack to dockerhub for external chaincode initialization

2021-11-12: substrate v2.165.0-fabric 2 Release

  • substrate: fix chaincode tar build issue introduced in v2.164.0-fabric2

2021-11-08: substrate v2.164.0-fabric2 Release

  • hyphae: add to-int helper to libhandlebars to convert types to int.
  • substrate: add external chaincode builds (dockerhub: luthersystems/substrate).

2021-10-15: substrate v2.163.0-fabric2 Release

  • shirocore: Allow cc:creator in init endpoint in mock mode
  • shirocore: Fix find-pos and find-pos-cmp bug to correctly return -1 when the index is not found.

2021-09-23: substrate v2.162.0-fabric2 Release

  • substrate: Add env variable SUBSTRATE_LOG_LEVEL to change log level

2021-09-14: buildenv v0.0.45

  • go-alpine: use static binary dependencies

2021-09-13: buildenv v0.0.44

  • service-base-alpine: update artifacts
  • alpine: apply security updates
  • go-alpine: remove GOPRIVATE config

2021-08-23: buildenv v0.0.43

  • go-alpine: add go-alpine image

2021-07-27: buildenv v0.0.42

  • go: Change user and owner of built artifacts using $ $ environment variables

2021-07-19: substrate v2.160.0-fabric2 Release

  • hyphae: Add to-str helper to libhandlebars
  • hyphae: Add GetPipeHTTP to s3 package to retrieve stream of bytes.
  • hyphae: Add cookie retrieval interface for magic links

2021-07-01: buildenv v0.0.41

  • godynamic: Use alpine 3.13 as a stable base.

2021-06-23: substrate v2.159.0-fabric2 Release

  • elps: Upgrade to v1.14.0.
  • fabric network builder: Add cert_expires subcommand to list expiration dates of certificates
  • fabric network builder: Add mutli-step certificate generation process for improved customizaiton (make generate-template, make generate-assets).
  • buildenv: Upgrade to v0.0.40.

2021-06-16: buildenv v0.0.40

  • api, go, godynamic, goextra: Cleanup build tags into common configuration.
  • api: Allow including protos in custom directories.

2021-06-09: elps v1.14.0

  • json: Use custom json encoder for improved performance.
  • json: Reduce allocations during map serialization.
  • types: Add ability to write user-defined data types.
  • types: Update libschema to support user-defined data types.
  • macros: Fix bugs related to macro expansion.

2021-06-09: buildenv v0.0.39

  • api. go, godynamic, goextra: Properly parameterize go versions.
  • api: Fix typo in make targets and add missing make targets.

2021-05-26: buildenv v0.0.38

  • all: Continue to push images to ECR for backwards compatibility.

2021-05-25: buildenv v0.0.37

  • api, go, godynamic, goextra, java, js, swaggercodegen: Use tini for signal handling in the default image entrypoint.
  • api. go, godynamic, goextra: Upgrade to go1.16.4.

2021-05-14: substrate v2.158.0-fabric2 Release

  • fabric network builder: Add fnb-extend command to generate certs for new orgs.
  • fabric network builder: Use version 2.2.0 of fabric cryptogen (names private keys priv_sk among other changes).
  • fabric network builder: Use client authentication (mutual TLS).
  • shirocore: Fix set-exception-wrapped to properly wrap exception messages and re-throw them.
  • shiroclient gateway: Add additional log lines to help debugging.
  • shiroclient gateway: Retry tx simulation on chaincode 500 error, for increased resilience.
  • shiroclient gateway: Move shiroclient-sdk-go to github.

2021-03-30: substrate v2.157.0-fabric2 Release

  • shiroclient gateway: Improve reliability of event service connectivity.
  • shiroclient: Throw phylum errors during chaincode-to-chaincode (invoke-phylum) failures.

2021-03-16: substrate v2.156.0-fabric2 Release

  • shiroclient: Fix bug in internal minifer for elps symbols.
  • mock substrate: Improve support for parallel go tests.

2021-03-05: substrate v2.155.0-fabric2 Release

  • shiroclient gateway: Improve metrics logging during tx commit.
  • shirocore: Fix bug in tx-pre-hooks execution, which sets up shirocore env before application code runs.

2021-03-04: substrate v2.154.0-fabric2 Release

  • mock substrate: Fix mock-specific methods.
  • shirocore: Fix symbol references in def-migration-up
  • fabric network builder: Fix nchoose2 sample networks and Makefiles.

2021-03-01: substrate v2.153.0-fabric2 Release

  • elps: Upgrade to v1.13.1

2021-02-25: elps v1.13.1 Release

  • elpstest: Fix timing for $load benchmark.

2021-02-19: substrate v2.152.0-fabric2 Release

  • shirocore: Fix bug in ymd date validations

2021-02-19: substrate v2.151.0-fabric2 Release

  • shirocore: Pre-load (pre-warm) phyla to improve load times

2021-02-17: substrate v2.150.0-fabric2 Release

  • mock substrate: Fix concurrency bug in plugin.

2021-02-11: substrate v2.149.0-fabric2 Release

  • mock substrate: Refactor internal libraries to better support hashicorp plugin.

2021-02-09: substrate v2.148.0-fabric2 Release

  • mock substrate: Add healthcheck to Hashicorp plugin.

2021-02-08: substrate v2.147.0-fabric2 Release

  • fabric network builder: Fix nchoose2 network generation.

2021-02-05: substrate v2.146.0-fabric2 Release

  • fabric network builder: Add support for nchoose2 vanity names.

2021-02-08: buildenv v0.0.36 Release

  • all: Add public docker make targets.

2021-02-03: substrate v2.145.0-fabric2 Release

  • shirocore: Add jaeger support for request tracing.
  • buildenv: Upgrade to v0.0.34.

2021-01-29: buildenv v0.0.35 Release

  • godynamic: Add azure cli.
  • js: Add azure cli.

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