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7.1.3. Martin Proxy

7.1.3. Martin Proxy

To be able to proxy the requests through a local server you need to be running a local proxy server and make sure the requests are going to that server first.

Running the test directly

The martin tests can be run in a dockerised environment or directly on your machine. In order to be able to easily proxy the request we recommend running the test directly on the machine.

The following are the instructions for installing the dependencies for running the e2e tests directly on a Darwin host:

./tests/  ./tests/Docker.postman_environment.json ./tests/document/JIRA-251-get-documents.martin_collection.yaml

Or using the e2e make target:

make e2e FILE=./tests/document/JIRA-251-get-documents.martin_collection.yaml

To run on the machine directly:

./tests/ ./tests/LocalDev.postman_environment.json ./tests/document/JIRA-251-get-documents.martin_collection.yaml

Or using the e2e-local make target:

make e2e-local FILE=./tests/document/JIRA-251-get-document-summaries.martin_collection.yaml

Running a local proxy server

There are several different application for running a local proxy server, but a popular and free one is mitmproxy.

Setup instructions for mac:

After starting the proxy server and setting the env vars, you can run the tests directly on your machine. You can then navigate to the web UI if you're using the web interface and will see all the request and responses.

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